I Finally Found You, My Missing Puzzle Piece…

I’m complete.  I finally have OPI’s Black Shatter!  I’ve been waiting anxiously for this little gem ever since it came out back in October, but since I could never find it out, I forgot about it for a little.  Then after spotting it while flipping through People Style a couple months ago, my need for it experienced a resurgence.

{  Black Shatter by OPI }

Thank God for Amazon. I also got another color from the Katy Perry collection, Teenage Dream.

Teenage Dream by OPI }

It’s a very pretty and girly (just like Katy herself) pale pink color with some major sparkle going on. By itself, I think it will look quite lovely, however I paired it with the Black Shatter for my first time using either color.

Let me just say: I’m in love.  The color combination is wicked.  It’s very eye-cathcing and I’m (almost) embarrassed to admit that I find myself staring at it a lot. What can I say? I like it.

It has a very dull matte finish and not like the good-on-purpose-kind.  More like the wow-that’s-reeeally-dull-kind.  So a top coat is a must. Also, I won’t lie: it chips.  Fairly easily, actually.  The effect sort of camouflages it, but after a few days it is noticeable. I just added a little more Shatter to the spots missing polish and topped it off with another top coat to get a little more life from my mani.


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