3 Things

Sometimes I get overly giddy about strange things that are seemingly unimportant but make me happy nonetheless.  Here are three things making me happy right now.

{Photo: sophyrobson.com via Fashionista }

Yesterday the internet was abuzz with the unveiling of two more colors from Chanel’s Fall 2011 collection, Quartz and Peridot (Graphite having caused quite the stir a couple of months ago after the runway show.) I must say I’m pretty excited.  Metallics are a favorite manicure staple of mine and I think the colors are perfect for fall.

{Photo: xojane.com }

The new website of Jane Pratt (creator of Sassy and Jane), xoJane,  launched yesterday.  I’ve kind of (embarrassingly enough) been mentally counting down the days ever since I first heard about it. I fell hard for Jane magazine a little late in the game, right before it’s demise, actually.  I discovered it at the time I was outgrowing Seventeen and the short-lived Teen People and truly felt more sophisticated with every word I read.

{ Photo: Alexi Lubomirski for Harper’s Bazaar}

Britney graces the cover of the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar looking gorgeous!  While I doubt anything could top Blackout for me musically, Femme Fatale is a solid effort (the Ke$ha-penned “Til The World Ends” and bonus track “He About to Lose Me” being favorites).  She’s been looking really good and healthy lately and the 11 year old in me can’t help but be happy for her.  And anyway, it’s Britney, bitch!


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