The Best Mascaras: My Top 10 Pt. I

Sometimes I feel like my life has been one long mission to find the best mascara ever.  Well, the best mascara ever out there for me.  My lashes, though admittedly long, are not full nor do they hold curl for too long. And did I mention that they’re BLONDE.  That’s right folks, I am a true fair-headed woman; my eyebrows and eyelashes in all their pale-y blondeness can attest to that.  Against my pale skin they appear practically non-existent.  Hence the reason for my search.

Being an unselfish person, I have decided to share with you my findings-not to sway you in your love for your go-to brand, but to make you aware of your options.  It feels like I’ve tried millions and I always wind up going back to a handful of mascaras that seem to always pull through for me.

I try to keep a couple on hand at all times because hello! Different mascaras do different things!  I prefer some for day, others for night, and some when I want my lashes to be look like they jumped straight out of an ad.

10. YLS Volume Effet Faux Clis Mascara

This mascara gives good volume minus the gloopy-ness and manages to define my lashes pretty well.  The downside? It’s the most expensive on the list.

9. Too Faced Lash Injection

I like this mascara because it holds curl well and fans my lashes out.  But, mostly I like it because it forms little tubes over each of my lashes that work to create a beautiful result.

8. Dior DiorShow Iconic Mascara

This one is similar to the Lash Injection (minus the tubes) but it has a slight edge because the definition is even greater and the color richer.  It’s not my favorite brush, though.

7. Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara

The LashBlast is a recent favorite.  The spiky brush is good at defining lashes and really makes them appear big.

6. Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Mascara

I’m currently using this mascara and am loving it so much, it’s already landed at number 6 on this list.  My lashes look longer, darker, and more lush.  It claims to make lashes longer over time and to make them stronger, but I’ll have to wait and see in that respect.

Stop by tomorrow to find out my top 5.


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