Bonnaroo Review

I was really hoping to upload some of the pictures I took over the weekend at Bonnaroo, but it seems that I have stupidly misplaced my camera’s card reader.  Anyway, I’m taking this post to talk about the great shows I was able to see there, and then I’ll shut up about the festival (until next year, at least.)

10. Portugal. The Man  This probably would’ve been higher, but I didn’t get to see the entire set seeing as we left to try to get a good spot at M&S (impossible).

9. Matt & Kim  I wasn’t expecting to like them live as much as I did, but the truth is that they put on a good show and have the personalities to match.

8. Ray LaMontagne  That voice.


7. Girl Talk   I love to dance and Girl Talk is essentially a giant dance party.

6. Scissor Sisters  I’ve heard of the Scissor Sisters, but never really listened to anything by them before.  We caught the show on a whim to have something to do between Eminem and Girl Talk, and I couldn’t be happier that we did. Everyone gets super into it which makes it quite hard not to follow suit.  So much fun, a definite highlight.


5. Band of Skulls  This was cool to see the first night.  I think it really got me pumped for the rest of the weekend and, I mean, how could it not.  Awesome songs and guitars.

4. Mumford & Sons  What a great performance from a great band.  Being able to hold the interest of several thousands of fans while you play a few new songs that no one’s ever heard shows how enjoyable the music these guys play really is.


3. The Walkmen  I’ve been a fan of The Walkmen for a long time, and never got to see them.  Their set was awesome and got my friend interested in them as well as some of the people around us who had never heard of them.

2. Arcade Fire  Wow.  Just wow.  Some people probably think Arcade Fire’s overrated now, but not I sir.  That performance was everything I was expecting and more. Just beautiful.  Being in a crowd of that magnitude (a rumored 85,000 attended) and hearing everyone’s finale “Whoa oh ohhohohohoh oh”s for “Wake Up” is definitely a memory I’ll have forever.


1. Eminem  I know what you’re thinking: REALLY?  Well, yes, REALLY.  I was looking forward to see Em just because I would never actually attend one of his concerts here in the city.  I was actually more excited to see Weezy (who severely underwhelmed) but Eminem completely and unexpectedly stole the festival for me.  He’s was into it, the crowd was into it.  Love him or hate him, it’s hard to deny that he has talent at what he does.


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