Because Every Book Needs A Home

Currently, I’m obsessed with bookshelves. The omg-it’s-been-5-minutes-maybe-I-should-refresh-pinterest-in-case-someone-pinned-a-new-one kind of obsessiveness that is actually pretty stalker-y and sad especially when you consider the fact that all this is over an inanimate object (not that I condone the stalking of animate objects either, btw.)

Anyway, my books have started to take over my room, spilling out past my modest but dependable bookshelf and into everywhere else. I’ve decided that now might be the time to get another and, so, obviously I’ve become obsessed with bookshelves.  They’re so cool.  I mean, honestly, they’re like art masquerading as practical holding devices.  They can span whole walls or staircases, have crazy shapes, and be organized in all their color-coded gorgeousness and – I’m in love!

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Because Every Book Needs A Home

  1. I’m having complete and utter book (and bookshelf) envy right now. Wow.
    I’m buying less physical book now because I just don’t have the space, and I have a Nook. 🙂
    When I get a bigger place and cooler book storage options, I’ll probably start buying them more.

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