It’s Like HGTV Up In Here

I am in the process of semi-redoing my room.  Now that I have all the furniture where I want it, the hard part comes: decorating. Okay, so it’s not exactly hard, but I like to be certain of everything I put into my space and that often takes a lot of time and effort until it feels right.

I am currently obsessing over wallpaper.  Honestly, I never thought I’d see the day.  My mother would be proud, but the six-year-old me who was drug around Marburn Curtains for every other week would be severely disgusted.  Nevertheless, it’s happened all the same.

See, there’s an awkward wall in my room that is unpaintable for some reason or other as related to me by my father, so he wallpapered it instead in a nice but plain textured white paper.  I can see why he went this way; I was young and this was too big of a job to let me pick a pattern that I would tire of probably in just a few months.  Now that I am old enough to make such decisions (with age does come wisdom, after all), I’ve been leaning towards changing it up.

But, the question is: to wallpaper or not to wallpaper?  Another great option is those wall decal things, which I also happen to like.  What do you think?

  1. Anthropologie Blooming Filigree Mural
  2. Anthropologie Whistling Thorn Wallpaper
  3. Blik Wall Decals Iron Vines
  4. Royal Design Stencils Reusable Wall Stencil Fun Ornamental Flower
  5. Ralph Lauren Marella Plaster Matte Gold
  6. Ralph Lauren Marlowe Floral Sterling

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