Summer Lovin’

It’s been hotter than hot here for the past few days and with the upcoming forecast showing nothing but triple digits, I find myself making plans to stay in the air-conditioning instead of the great outdoors.  Between plans with friends and a great reading list, I’ve also made it a priority to indulge in some of my favorite movies about summer.  Check out my top picks below.

Now and Then  I loved this movie growing up.  The lasting female friendships and the adventure-out-of-nothing were just perfect.

The Endless Summer  What an awesome documentary about dudes chasing waves and summer.  Pretty, fun, and entertaining.

Almost Famous  What I wouldn’t give to follow around one of my favorite bands for the summer, while writing about the experience and listening to their impromptu feel good sing-a-longs on the tour  bus.

The Seven Year Itch  I have an affinity for old movies, especially comedies.  There’s just something so fun and simple about them and their typical “hilarity ensues” plot lines that you rarely see today.

Wet Hot American Summer  I’m usually not a huge fan of parodies, but this movie is hilarious. Plus, you know, Paul Rudd.

Dazed and Confused  I have such a soft spot for “the last day of school” movies (Can’t Hardly Wait, Remember the Daze, etc.), but none of them measure up to this film.

Heavyweights  So hilariously hilarious.  I could watch this movie any day of the week.

Jaws  There’s no film I associate more with summer than this.

Adventureland  Funny yet poignant, it really captures the feeling of summer and post-grad uncertainty.

Dirty Dancing  A coming-of-age heroine, summer love, dancing – this flick has it all.

(500) Days of Summer  This film might not take place entirely in summer, but the Summer in it is more than enough to make up for it.

Stand By Me  For me, this is pretty much Now and Then, but with boys.  And better…(yeah, I said it.)

The Sandlot  This was summer when I was little.


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