Style Envy: Cher Horowitz

So, the other day I saw this awesome post over on Glamour magazine’s site about this video:

Cher was totally one of my first style icons after I saw the film at a friend’s sleepover birthday party in the third grade.  Her style actually still manages to resonate today in a way, along with Paul Rudd, who had me right from the start of his goofy dancing.

Let’s take a look.

LBW | Cher knows that, sometimes, a typical little black dress ain’t gonna cut it.  Every girl should have a go-to little white dress, as well.  It’s unexpected and perfect for all seasons despite whatever post-Labor day myths you’ve heard.

Blazer | Cher rocks many-a-blazer throughout the film, whether classic black or yellow tartan, because girl always knew how to pull a look together.

Fall Trends | She’s even sporting some trends for this upcoming fall season, like: layering, sheers, color, and 60’s mod.


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