New TV 2011-12

I’ve never been a huge t.v. watcher; I’d much rather see a movie, even if it’s one I’ve already viewed over and over again.  There’s just something about the quality of films and the way they progress, that always gets me.  There have been some shows that have hooked me (Lost, Buffy, Dexter, to name a few), but usually they always fall short or they don’t hold my interest enough for me to want to keep up with their plot lines.  But lately, with each new fall season, it seems that t.v. has really been stepping up its game.  Even broadcast has been edgier and more cinematic, and therefore more interesting to me, personally.  Here’s a few shows I think are worth checking out to see where they go.

Alcatraz | Ok, I’m kind of cheating, because this is a midseason show, but I didn’t know that until just now, when I started writing this.  Still, this show seems good enough for me to check out in the winter, too, though I’m not positive it has what it takes to make me tune in again and again.

Person of Interest | I don’t fully understand the plot yet, but I think it’s an intriguing premise.  It looks very intense and well-written.  Plus, J.J Abrams and Jonathan Nolan.

Ringer | I really hope this is as good as I want it to be.  I mean, I live in reality and realize it won’t be another Buffy, but I’d probably watch anything Sarah Michelle Gellar was in just because.  The plot sounds complex enough to either be too confusing or awesome.  Here’s to it being the latter.

Awake | Wow.  This looks amazing.  The trailer alone is rather beautiful and what a story line.  This seems like the most promising of the bunch to me, with it’s rather film-like quality.  I think I’ll be right there along with Lucius Malfoy wondering which reality, if any, is the real one.  Also, I’m starting to realize that every show I’m interested in has some form of a Lost alum.  And this is also midseason, so now I’ll have to wait.


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