Friday Playlist: 9/2/11

All the t.v. talk yesterday made me really nostalgic for one of my all time favorite shows, Veronica Mars.  At a time in my teenage years when everybody was fussing over The O.C., this girl couldn’t get enough of teen sleuth Veronica Mars’ wit and crazy shenanigans.  It was such a well-written, thought out series that I believe was very underappreciated.  Tangent aside, I didn’t really have the time to watch any of it throughout the day, so I had to settle for the Veronica Mars playlist I have on my iTunes.  Yes, I have a playlist (I used to download the songs I liked almost immediately after the episode – I know, nerd alert) and I have the soundtrack.  What can I say, I was obsessed and the soundtrack was amazing and so were the rest of the songs featured on the show.  Much better than that O.C. mess, if you ask me.

  1. Art – Louque
  2. Weak Becomes Heroes – The Streets
  3. Sway – The Perishers
  4. Marc – Louis XIV
  5. The New Kid – The Old 97’s
  6. I Hear The Bells – Mike Doughty
  7. Give You More – Taxi Doll
  8. Ventura Highway – America
  9. What Are You Afraid Of – West Indian Girl
  10. I Turn My Camera On – Spoon
  11. Butterflies – David Garza
  12. Pick Up The Phone – The Notwist
  13. Run – Air
  14. Momentary Thing – Something Happens
  15. Crimson And Clover – Tommy James & The Shondells
  16. Girls – Death In Vegas
  17. Edge Of The Ocean – Ivy

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