10 Things I Love About Fall

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Fall is my absolute favorite season ever.  I always get so excited come September because I know autumn is around the corner.  I love pretty much everything about it, and I love it so much that I made a list of all the things I love about it (or, really, the top 10).  Follow that?  I love lists as well.

10 | Prettiness  Most people go on and on about how Spring is beautiful, what with all the new life and blooming flowers or whatever, but fall is much more my aesthetic.  I know that leaves are actually dying, but the combination of greens, golds, and burnt oranges always gets me.

9 | TV  Like I said before, I’m not that big of a television watcher, but I do have my shows.  And usually around this time I can’t wait for their return.  Sons Of Anarchy, I’m looking at you.

8 | Halloween  It makes sense that my favorite holiday falls within my favorite season.  Come as you aren’t.

7 | The Holidays Are Coming  Halloween is pretty much the jump start for the rest of the holidays, and while none of them compare to All Hallow’s Eve, I like them just the same.

6 | Flea Markets  This is my favorite time of year for flea markets, garage sales, vintage, you name it.  I don’t know why, it just is.

5 | Vacation  I know what your thinking: Vacation? In the fall?  And I used to be a big believer in summer vacations too, but after four years attending a college with a whacky term schedule starting at the end of September, I have had a late summer/early fall vacation for the last three years.  And now I actually prefer it that way.  It’s usually cheaper and less crowded.  Plus, this year I’m Bahama-bound.

4 | Bonfires  I’m not exactly sure why I associate bonfires with fall, maybe it’s because of all the lame hayrides I attend in my younger school years, but I do.  Standing around one drinking apple cider and making s’mores is where it’s at.

3 | Pumpkin Spice  Oh, pumpkin spice.  How I love you.  Every year when you make your appearance at a Starbucks near me is a joyous cause for celebration.

2 | Weather  I think autumn brings about the best possible combination of weather.  It’s usually still pretty sunny and warm, but there’s a growing crispness to the air.

1 | Clothes  I love the clothes I get to wear during fall.  Break out the blazers, trench coats, and boots out of hybernation, people!  I live for cozy apparel, layering and fall-weather accessories.  Oh, boy.  I can’t wait.


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