Green Tea Cloth Mask

I love using cloth facial masks.  There’s just something so much more refreshing about leaving them on your skin for 10 minutes than, say, one that feels like it’s made of cement.  Neutrogena discontinued their version and Sephora no longer seems to carry them either and the only ones I can find are super expensive (here and here, if your interested).

So, I made my own.  I think next time, I’ll get creative, but for my first try I just used plain old green tea.  Green tea is extremely refreshing and calming to your skin.  It also can help reduce redness and has antioxidant properties that help detoxify your skin.  Or so I heard.

1 | Brew some green tea using warm filtered water, not boiling.  Let cool.

2 | Make the cloth mask by cutting holes in a paper towel for your eyes and mouth and a Voldemort slit for your nose.

3 | Fold the mask and let in soak in the tea for a bit.

4 | Unfold and apply to your face.


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