How To Pack Everything You Need Without Venturing Into Kitchen Sink Territory

· Make a list.  Seems obvious, huh?  But, some people just throw things together last minute and then wonder how they ended up in Bora Bora sans a bathing suit and with 12 pairs of pants.  (I know this, I used to be one of them.)  It also doesn’t hurt to make an itinerary of what you plan to do on your trip, that way you can tell if anything you will be doing requires that you pack certain items.  Oh, and look up the weather before you go.

· Have a game plan when it comes to clothing.  Go with a color scheme to keep things simple and mix and matchable.  It’s hard to overpack when you have so many separates that could work together.

· As for actually packing your suitcase, rolling your clothes is a good option.  It saves space and really helps to cut down on wrinkles.  If you have a suitcase on wheels, pack any heavy items like shoes or jeans at the bottom (the side with the wheels.)  Pack small items like socks and undergarments last because they can fit in tiny spaces.  Protect any jewelry or scarves by placing them in linen bags, your shoes, or even clutches.

· Edit, edit, edit!


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