I Really Love My … Slipper Booties!

That’s right, slipper booties.  If you don’t have a pair yet, you’re really missing out.  They’re so warm and cozy, which is perfect to help fight off the swiftly approaching winter chill.  Plus, they prevent theft.

If you have one of these guys around, that is.  He’s such a slipper freak, but he can’t get them off my feet and it’s definitely not from lack of trying.  So, he just chins me and gives me sad eyes instead.

Here’s some cute ones I’ve found that are sure to stay on your feet and keep you warm this season.

  1. Gap Cable knit slipper booties, $39.95
  2. Patricia Green Annie Slipper Bootie, $49.50
  3. Dearfoams 531 Slipper, $30
  4. Roxy Brrr! Slippers, $44
  5. Forever 21 Fuzzy Leopard Slippers, $12.80

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