DIY: Coasters

Looking for a last-minute inexpensive gift for your hostess(es) this holiday season?  Or maybe your mother?  Or your aunt, who you have absolutely no idea what to get?  Why not…coasters!

More importantly, why not coaster that you made yourself?  It adds a personal touch to the sentiment, no?

Did I mention they’re easy to make? An inexpensive?

Ok, done with all the questions.  Here are the facts.


  • 4 4×4 tiles from your local hardware store (you can get decorative ones, or plain ones to spray paint, stamp, ect. yourself)
  • Felt
  • multi-purpose glue
  • ribbon


  1. Measure out your felt to fit an area slightly less then your tile.  Cut it out.
  2. Glue the felt to the back of each tile.
  3. Repeat for all tiles.
  4. After they’re dry, tie them together with a pretty ribbon.

That’s it.  You’re dunzo! Feel free to make some for yourself, too.


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