Bucket List 2012

Like rules, I think resolutions were made to be broken.  So, here’s my bucket list of sorts for the year 2012.  And hey, it’s especially apt if the world as we know it ends this year like it’s rumored to.

  • get a license  I mean, I’m only 23 years old, but driving still kind of terrifies me.  All the mirrors to remember to look in and my short attention span don’t help my concentration, but practice makes perfect.  Here’s hoping this is the year.
  • find a full-time job that pertains to the major I studied for 4 years 
  • visit Boston for St. Paddy’s Day
  • start drawing again  I love to draw and used to regularly, but haven’t felt inspired lately.  I plan on devoting some time each week to getting back in the game.
  • try new recipes
  • rewatch the entire series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • get a matching sister tattoo 
  • save money for a new DSLR camera  Mine is acting all wonky and making weird noises.  Besides, I have my eyes on a new Canon.
  • cut my hair short  !!!

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