3 Things

Racked compiled a great list of their favorite drug store beauty products and I can’t help but agree with all of them. The featured eyeliner is probably my all-time favorite and I love anything by Cetaphil. Plus, what can Vaseline not do?

It’s that time of year again. I like to start slathering this on a little before Memorial Day hits, so I can subtly work my way up to not being so ghastly white as to reflect the sun come my first day at the beach. (Prevent those awful orange elbows/knees/ankles by exfoliating!)

I just registered for The Color Run here in Philly on July 8 and I am beyond excited. It seems like a blast and everybody looks so happy getting doused in the face with colored powder. Really, what’s not to love about that? Watch this video, and you’ll probably want to sign up too.


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