3 Things

When I saw the email from Daily Candy in my inbox informing me that Kahlúa was now selling iced coffee cans à la Starbucks but with liqueur, I got kind of excited. Two of my favorite things combined into one and perfectly timed for summer. Could it get any better? I don’t think so.

I had this exact leather ring from by boe a few years ago that I was completely in love with and wore to absolute death. I can literally remember the moment it fell apart; I was in work when it just fell from my fingers, most likely due to my forgetfulness to remove it when it came to washing my hands. I was devastated and it was no longer sold in the boutique I bought it in. For some reason, I never thought to seek it out online until this day. One quick happy Google search later, and it’s hello, beautiful all over again.

I am currently obsessed with Lula magazine. It’s quite expensive (even for an import) but completely worth it. The fashion alone is brilliant but the photography is stunning, all bold and dreamy. Definitely pick it up if you see one or try Amazon.


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