3 Things

I really liked season one of the web series Dating Rules From My Future Self. Yeah, it was a tad cheesy and product placement-y at times, but overall totally enjoyable and adorable. So far, so good for season two as well. Make sure to check it out here or here if you have an hour to kill.

It’s back to reality now that the Olympics are over. While gymnastics, swimming, and diving have always been favorites of mine to watch, it was super easy to get lost in all the other sports too, especially the odd ones. Speed walking, anyone? Anyway, so excited that Team USA walked away most medaled with mostly gold. Way to go, guys!

Have any of you ever been to the movies by yourself? I never have because just the idea of it makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason. It probably seems silly, but it’s true. I have been contemplating it though, because I really want to see Moonrise Kingdom, but don’t know anyone else who loves Wes Anderson as much as me. Hopefully I can get over or at least come to terms with my strange phobia, otherwise I’m going to have to wait the long wait until I can Netflix it.


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