The Top 3 Layering Essentials

I’m so excited to start dressing for fall weather now that it’s finally made an appearance. However, that doesn’t mean I’m ready to give up on my summer favorites, like dresses and shorts. It’s easy to transition summer staples into colder weather ones with one simple trick: layering. Layering not only prolongs the life of your summer clothes, it also creates so many options when it comes to dressing for the cold. So, get more out of your fall wardrobe with these top 3 layering essentials.

1 | Knee-High Boots – Tall boots, or any kind really, automatically take any outfit into fall territory. Try layering with tights (another essential) and ribbed socks for texture, which look extra cute peaking out over a boot.

2 | Tights – Tights, especially black opaque styles, are the best way to get extra wear out of those flimsy summer dresses and shorts.

3 | Cardigan – Obviously throwing on a cardigan will keep you warm, so stock up in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Oh, and the cozier, the better,

The best part of these essentials is that they all work great together.  Wear one, a combination, or all three to get different looks that are all weather appropriate.


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