Double Chocolate Chip Cookies


These days, I’ve been spending most of my spare time baking. By the time I’m done there will be cookies and other desserts galore. Tis the season, huh? And as strange as it sounds, baking to Christmas tunes is one of the traditions that I look forward to the most around this time.

Along with the traditional fixings, this year I wanted something super chocolatey. Enter Martha Stewart’s double chocolate chunk cookies. They’re pretty ridiculous – as in ridiculously good. Oh, and did I mention they’re super chocolatey?


The recipe’s great, though I used Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips instead, but that’s just a preference thing. I also did this:



Sometimes, frosting just makes everything better. I slathered peppermint frosting on about half of these babies, but didn’t stop there. After debating between decorating them with metallic jimmies (yes jimmies, I’m from Philly) or crushed candy cane for longer than I care to admit, I ultimately decided to go with the candy cane. You know the saying. Go big or go home.


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