DIY: Snow Globe


Snow globes are such a cute and simple decorating idea during the holidays, but did you know that they’re also easy to make? You probably have most if not all the materials lying around your house. So, why not bring a little magical cheer into your home with one of these tiny winter wonderlands.


  • an empty jar with lid (like olive, baby food, mason, etc.)
  • glitter
  • figurine
  • spray paint/acrylic
  • aquarium glue (epoxy works too)
  • baby oil OR distilled water with a splash of glycerin


  1. Wash your jar and lid. If needed, soak for a bit to remove labels.
  2. Dry lid and paint it the color of your choosing. (I went with silver.)
  3. Once the paint dries, glue figurine to the inside of the lid and wait the drying time according to your glue’s directions.
  4. Then, fill jar about 3/4 of the way with baby oil.
  5. Add about tsps of glitter.
  6. Finally, seal the lid onto the jar (you can use glue to make it more so if you desire.)

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