Bucket List 2013


Like I said before, I think resolutions are just asking to be broken, so I like to make a bucket list of sorts for the upcoming year. Here’s my list of things I’d like to accomplish:

keep a journal  I’ve never been the kind of person to keep a diary, but I’d like to be. There’s something that seems so relieving about it, like you could write down any thoughts or issues in a journal and work through them, or at the very least, get them out of your system.

print more photos  Don’t get me wrong, digital cameras are a wonderful invention, but I hardly ever print my photographs anymore. I can remember being younger and heading to the nearest photo center the day after a big event because I just couldn’t wait to see the images I had captured. Now, even though everything is pretty immediate, I’d still like to regain some of that excitement.

dye my hair red  I keep flirting with this idea so much, that I think it’s finally time to take the plunge. My natural color is a darker strawberry blonde, and I usually only turn it up a notch or two when I visit my stylist. Maybe it’s time to turn it up to 11.

visit the nation’s capital  I would love to visit Washington D.C. I hear it’s a great city filled with culture and history that I really want to soak in. Plus, how cool would it be to meet Bo?


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