Chunky Knits

Here in Philly, everyday this week will be below freezing. Leaving the house is sure going to be a challenge, because all I want to do when it’s cold is cuddle up with a nice warm blanket, a cup of tea, and a good book. Since that won’t really be an option, I plan on wearing a variety of comfy and chunky knit sweaters similar to those below. They should do just as well as any blanket, but in a much more stylish manner.


  1. Chicnova Retro Cable Knit Sweater, $53.40
  2. Girl. by Band of Outsiders Cable Knit Sweater, $285
  3. Chicnova Vintage Cable Knit Jumper, $77.40
  4. Acne Lia Cable Knit Cropped Jumper, $150
  5. Vince Textured Knit Sweater, $180
  6. Mango Cotton Cable Knit Jumper, $24.99
  7. By Malene Birger Kittia Sweater, $261
  8. Chicnova Cable Knit Jumper with Collar, $89.40

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