Deal of the Week

14305374_121130183000{ Mossimo Supply Co. Mini Wristlet, $12.99 }

As soon as I saw this wristlet I began daydreaming of airy floral dresses worn on beaches and boardwalks. Le sigh. Oh, is that not how your brain works? Well, then try to imagine yourself on a beach, my friend. Now, quick, what bag are you toting around while you frolic up and down the foamy shoreline in your breezy dress? If it’s this one, we totally have something in common. And at only thirteen bucks, we can definitely have it common.


Best Dressed: The Oscars 2013


Jennifer Lawrence simply looked stunning.


Straight up statuesque. Charlize Theron does glamour well.


Love that Kerry Washington chose color. She looked amazing.


Jessica Chastain was flawless as usual.


 Amy Adams channeled a princess with this pretty gown.


Naomi Watts was a vision in this edgy frock.

Fine Art

I love collecting art work for my space. Whether it’s a print, painting, or an inspirational magazine cut out, there’s something really awesome about personalizing things to your liking. Everyone’s tastes are different, but below are some options I’ve been considering to add to my collection.

wall art

  1. WTF Should I Wear Today, $119.95
  2. For Like Ever, $60
  3. T.S. Elliot Quotation, $24
  4. 24K Lip Kiss, $27