DIY: Snow Globe


Snow globes are such a cute and simple decorating idea during the holidays, but did you know that they’re also easy to make? You probably have most if not all the materials lying around your house. So, why not bring a little magical cheer into your home with one of these tiny winter wonderlands.


  • an empty jar with lid (like olive, baby food, mason, etc.)
  • glitter
  • figurine
  • spray paint/acrylic
  • aquarium glue (epoxy works too)
  • baby oil OR distilled water with a splash of glycerin


  1. Wash your jar and lid. If needed, soak for a bit to remove labels.
  2. Dry lid and paint it the color of your choosing. (I went with silver.)
  3. Once the paint dries, glue figurine to the inside of the lid and wait the drying time according to your glue’s directions.
  4. Then, fill jar about 3/4 of the way with baby oil.
  5. Add about tsps of glitter.
  6. Finally, seal the lid onto the jar (you can use glue to make it more so if you desire.)

DIY: Glitter Shoes

I’ve been meaning to glitter (it’s totally a verb, guys) these shoes ever since I got them last winter for $11 at Payless. They were pretty plain, yet cheap, so I knew that they could benefit from some good old fashion diy-ness. And then….I completely forgot about them. It wasn’t until the other day when I was cleaning that I found them and thought, ‘oh yea’ and now I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.


  • shoes
  • glitter (fine or chunky, it doesn’t matter)
  • paintbrush
  • masking tape
  • modge podge
  • paper plate


  1. Wipe shoes clean and tape off areas to be glittered.
  2. Combine modge podge and glitter on the paper plate to form a paste of sorts.
  3. Begin painting your shoe.
  4. Do a second coat.
  5. Finish with a layer of modge podge.
  6. Once dry, remove tape and wear immediately.

DIY: Painted Headphones

If you’re like me, anything can be made better with sparkles. And the color pink. Including headphones. So I painted my headphones a wonderful sparkly pink.

Some of you might ask why, but I’ve always been more of a why not kind of gal. So again, if you’re like me and have about an hour to kill, get to work. I bet you’ll smile every time you listen to your tunes through your freshly made over headphones. I know I do.


  • acrylic paint in the color of your preference (again I used pink and glitter)
  • mod podge
  • paint brushes (different sizes may be helpful)
  • masking tape


  1. Tape off your headphones around the area you want to paint to prevent any from getting on where you do want to paint.
  2. Paint your headphones. Mine took about 4 coats of color. Drying time only consisted of alternating sides.
  3. If you are using glitter paint, do this now. I used 2 coats.
  4. After that’s dry, paint on the mod podge to seal your color and even out any texture issues.
  5. Remove tape.
  6. Rock out.

DIY: Heart Garland

I don’t know about you, but I love being festive for any holiday. So, I wanted to do something quick, easy and valentinesy to decorate my space. But most of all, it had to be pretty. I think I accomplished just that with this simple heart garland.

Cut out paper heart shapes (I had sparkly paper, but feel free to use anything like magazines or fabric) and attach them to a nice long piece of ribbon. Then, hang anywhere you like.

Half-moon Manicure

The half-moon manicure is a great twist on a classic and way simple to do yourself.  All you need is a base/top coat, 2 of your favorite complimentary colors, and those binder reinforcement stickers from grade school.

Step 1 | Start with a base coat (especially if you’re using dark colors).

Step 2 | Paint on the shade you want to be the “half-moon” part of your manicure.  Allow enough time to dry.

Step 3 | Place a sticker on the bottom part of your nail (see picture below).

Step 4 | Paint your other color over your nail and remove the sticker immediately.

Step 5 | Do the same for each nail.

Step  6| Finish with a top coat.

Glitter Nails

I sported these nails during the holidays and they were totally easy to achieve, albeit a tad messy.  Start by painting your nails any old color (I used Essie’s limo-scene) and after they’ve dried, apply your topcoat to every nail except the ones you plan on adding glitter to.  Then, paint your topcoat on the first nail you want to glitterize.  While it’s still tacky, sprinkle loose craft glitter (fine or medium-sized chunks work best) on the nail over a paper plate or something for easy cleanup.  Repeat on any other nails you please.  After a little bit of drying time, finish with a few layers of topcoat.  Voilà!

DIY: Coasters

Looking for a last-minute inexpensive gift for your hostess(es) this holiday season?  Or maybe your mother?  Or your aunt, who you have absolutely no idea what to get?  Why not…coasters!

More importantly, why not coaster that you made yourself?  It adds a personal touch to the sentiment, no?

Did I mention they’re easy to make? An inexpensive?

Ok, done with all the questions.  Here are the facts.


  • 4 4×4 tiles from your local hardware store (you can get decorative ones, or plain ones to spray paint, stamp, ect. yourself)
  • Felt
  • multi-purpose glue
  • ribbon


  1. Measure out your felt to fit an area slightly less then your tile.  Cut it out.
  2. Glue the felt to the back of each tile.
  3. Repeat for all tiles.
  4. After they’re dry, tie them together with a pretty ribbon.

That’s it.  You’re dunzo! Feel free to make some for yourself, too.