Pumped Up Kicks


  1. Puma Voltaic 4 MT Running Shoe, $79.95
  2. Reebok ZigLite Electrify Running Shoe, $99.99
  3. Nike Flyknit Lunar1 Running Shoe, $160
  4. New Balance WR1400 Alpha Running Shoe, $99.99

Currently Coveting

Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 12.45.00 AM{ Topshop Pineapple Print Cover Up, $50 }

To me, this is the perfect dress for a nice summer day. The print’s adorable, but the back and cutout keep it from feeling too sweet. Plus, the length works great for warm weather. This can easily take you from the beach during the day to a date later that night. Who doesn’t love double duty?

7 Ways To De-stress

Yogaphoto: © Ginaellen | Stock Free Images

Everyone gets stressed out from time to time, but what’s important is finding a way de-stress that works for you. Here are some of my tried and true methods of relaxation for when stress rears its ugly head.

1. Breathe  In and out. And deep. Breathing this way causes you to concentrate on one thing and regain your focus.

2. Go Outside  Sit on a bench, go for a walk, or do anything outside for a few minutes to as long as you can. Fresh air can do wonders for the soul.

3. Stretch  Really any form of exercise is a good way to de-stress, but if you’re short on time, stretching will do. Think child’s pose, tree pose, or any spinal twist. But you don’t have to be a yogi for this to work. Do whatever feels right, as long as you can feel a stretch without straining.

4. Organize  Clean your desk or other personal space. Make a list. Rework your schedule. Stop and do something to take control over whatever is affecting you.

5. Take A Bath  What sounds better than a nice hot bath? The  answer is nothing, except maybe wine. So if you have a bottle handy, bring a glass in with you and light a candle. Take it up a notch with bubbles, salts, or essential oils.

6. Pamper Yourself  Sometimes a little me time is all a girl needs. Paint your nails, get a massage, or read that trashy magazine you’ve been dying to feast your eyes on. Just take a break for a bit.

7. Have a Dance Party  Some people like to listen to relaxing music to calm them, but I’m the opposite. Sometimes, you just need to dance it out with or without any tunes. Try it out at least once, trust me. Even just 30 seconds can do wonders.


Deal of the Week

14305374_121130183000{ Mossimo Supply Co. Mini Wristlet, $12.99 }

As soon as I saw this wristlet I began daydreaming of airy floral dresses worn on beaches and boardwalks. Le sigh. Oh, is that not how your brain works? Well, then try to imagine yourself on a beach, my friend. Now, quick, what bag are you toting around while you frolic up and down the foamy shoreline in your breezy dress? If it’s this one, we totally have something in common. And at only thirteen bucks, we can definitely have it common.

Fine Art

I love collecting art work for my space. Whether it’s a print, painting, or an inspirational magazine cut out, there’s something really awesome about personalizing things to your liking. Everyone’s tastes are different, but below are some options I’ve been considering to add to my collection.

wall art

  1. WTF Should I Wear Today, $119.95
  2. For Like Ever, $60
  3. T.S. Elliot Quotation, $24
  4. 24K Lip Kiss, $27